Olé Advertising, Inc. helps your company reach the Hispanic market with targeted advertising, marketing, public relations, social media, media buy and planning, market research, promotions, and other services.


Our efforts are based on the simple premise that companies are looking for a Hispanic ad agency that is knowledgeable, innovative, imaginative, responsive, and effective; an agency that has experience and expertise to obtain results and encourage growth for your company.  The focus of Olé is to enhance your company’s ability and understanding in regards to seamlessly connecting  with the Hispanic market, to be profitable within that market, and to secure a share of the market for your company’s products and services.


O l é   A d v e r t i s i n g ,   I n c


    Our public relations services include generating community goodwill by creating a presence at community events and festivals.  We encourage the distribution of branded giveaways and donations to local community teams.  Olé combines public relations and social media to heighten the awareness of our company and to communicate the services we provide.


    Let us assist you in developing an advertising message that is both impressive and effective within the Hispanic market.  Our services include product launches, pre-product launch research, branding, success story development, supermarket sampling, package design, slogan development, and product naming.

    We can create radio, television, print, and social media advertising content.  Once the copy and materials are created, we then help your company execute the advertising plan.



    Our team is progressive and always on top of the latest social media developments.  Olé effectively leverages You Tube®, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and blogs to brand your company’s products and services, to increase targeted market research, and to initiate an interaction while developing a relationship between your company’s brand and prospective customers/consumers/clients.


    It is the creativity of an agency in advertising that produces a brand and makes a company memorable.  In most cases, creativity is also the element that most influences target market(s) purchasing decisions.  Olé Advertising, Inc. is creatively driven to outperform our competitors with advanced ideas and by utilizing a state of the art approach.   By applying our creative team talents to our clients work, we distinguish your company apart from the competition and enhance your company’s position within the market.

    Olé Advertising does not develop concepts in English in an effort to avoid lost communication and authenticity that can be lost in translation.  Rather, we think and write all creative concepts and work in Spanish; thus identifying with the targeted audience in their native language and culture.


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