Founded in March 1986, Olé Advertising, Inc. is an independent agency, owned and operated by Hispanic professionals.  Olé was created to fulfill a genuine need for a full-service Hispanic advertising, marketing, public relations, market research, social media, and promotions agency.  We are one of the most established and cultivated Hispanic ad agencies in the US to provide these services.


Recognized as a pioneer in our field, Olé Advertising, Inc. specializes in helping businesses reach the Latino market on a local, regional, and international level.


Olé leverages Hispanic mass media, radio, television, print, cyberspace, and social media to positively position and promote your company’s products and services to the largest minority majority market in the US.


Olé Advertising, Inc. professionals share an innovative and artistic outlook towards adequately assisting companies gain and increase their share of the Hispanic market.  Each of our professionals brings over fifteen years of hands on experience in virtually every aspect of Hispanic marketing, advertising, public relations, market research, promotions, and internet marketing.


Whether the job is local, regional, national, and/or international in scope, Olé has the knowledge, experience, expertise, and the capability to complete the job and surpass client expectations.  Collectively, Olé offers a wealth of experience, and are committed to providing the personal attention necessary to understand the desired outcomes of your company, achieve success, and to be profitable in the highly complex and competitive Hispanic market arena.


Olé Advertising, Inc. is an independent agency, owned and operated by Hispanic professionals.  We have offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and in Miami to better serve our clients.


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